Catering Students serve up a storm at Luton Hoo

Hospitality and Catering students served a variety of delicious canapés at the Master Chefs Lunch at Luton Hoo, this was a fantastic opportunity for students to show their skills among elite Chefs and experience such a prestigious event.
Catering students commented,

“We constructed and served a variety of canapés at the Master Chefs Lunch at Luton Hoo. This trip was eventful and gave us an opportunity to practise and showcase many different skills and ideas. We gained experience in greeting customers and finding out if they wanted to try a certain canapé. I loved seeing everyone enjoying themselves and hearing the amazing selection of music playing. The event gave us a real sense of what we would be doing in later life – an eye-opening and inspirational experience, giving us a glimpse into the industry.

Serving canapés at Luton Hoo was one of my most memorable experiences while training so far.”